Meet the Chickens!

All of the chickens in this game have met stringent quality standards.  They are certified antibiotic-free*, salmonella-free, and have a minimum attitude score of "Pleasant."  Here they are in nearly alphabetical order.

*With the exception of Larry.  She's recovering from strep throat.

Skip is the company spokeschicken.  He should be able to answer any questions you have.

Bella understands the deeper meaning of things.  

Armpit was a little upset when she was old enough to learn the meaning of her name.  Duh, chickens don't even have arms.  

Baytza is considering a career in stand-up comedy.  

Ramón is just a nickname he likes better than his given name, "Carlos."

Caroline is so sweet.  Buh, buh, buhhh.

Biscuit scored last night's winning goal. 

Chi takes her sons fishing most weekends.    

Charlie ironically is nicknamed, "The Bird."

Chick Korea digs Asian jazz. 

Cash takes winning very seriously.

Chow loves the warm weather in the summertime. 

Claire breeds and sells Persian kittens.  (They're SO adorable!)

C-Man is currently waiting tables, but feels like bigger things are coming soon.  

Denise is your go-to for auto body repair work.  

Dot has a few openings at her driving school.  Give her a call if your teen is ready for some lessons. 

Dannie arranges flowers for weddings and special engagements.  

Eman rode her first roller coaster earlier this year.  

Emma works behind the scenes at the local TV broadcast station.  

Frank recently helped a neighbor replace his garage door.  

Frosty loves a snow day.

Gladys only uses homemade whipped cream.  Never the stuff in the squirty can.  

Goat Chicken isn't exactly sure what caused this.  

Gokul won the regional spelling bee.  

Hahn hopes to visit his Oma in Germany next summer.  

Harry S. just doesn't get into history as much as his parents.  

Heather Feather practices cosmetology without a license.  (Shhh.  Don't tell.)

Huevos thinks he's hilarious.

(He is.) 

Jaron earned a degree in finance.

Jimmy just learned how to tie a necktie.  

Kabob runs a little BBQ shack out on Route 19.  Pork, brisket, slaw, and beans.  

Kat likes milk.  

Khalil seems like everyone's best friend.  

Ksenia plays shortstop for the varsity softball team.  

Lana gets a little nervous at this time of year.

Larry helped break a big story in the local paper.  

Louise flew to Hong Kong on frequent flier miles.  

Lucy is one determined young hen!

Meg is hooked on storm chasing.  

Mike the Famous is the epitome of perseverance. 

Mr. Dimlinson shouldn't be judged without knowing the whole story.  

Nancy keeps the little ones under her wings.

Nineteen was involved in a little mix-up, but seems to be okay now.  

Nugget feels strongly that curiosity is a virtue.  

Olive serves her country with pride. 

Opal is all the kids' favorite substitute teacher.  

P.J. goes to bed early even on the weekends. 

P'Nut's song, "Coop Magic" is finally getting some plays on the hip hop station.  

Parker is considering strategies to increase his visibility on social media. 

Pig isn't enjoying being a dental hygienist as much as she thought she would.  

Poach floats like a duck, flies like a chicken.  

Poke watched Episode IV thirteen times (and counting).

Robo has a secret that has yet to be discovered by the others.  

Rocky is about to sneeze.  

Roo-Man lifeguards at the community center.  

Sally Ann is not someone you necessarily want to sit next to on an airplane.  

Sasha always knew she would be a teacher.  

Say Hello to Guillermo was born to two elated parents.  "What's his name?" the people asked. 

Dad proudly shouted, "Say hello to Guillermo!"

So they put it on the birth certificate.  

Siete has six older siblings.  

Skinny always has some good ideas for improving your landscaping.  

Scratch is jealous of Caroline's handwriting.  

Fleet prefers the faster game of 16 Chickens described under the "Game Hacks" menu above. 

Socks loves the smell of freshly-baked bread.  

Sor is trying out for the women's golf team.  

Star has big dreams for visiting the cosmos.  Big dreams.  

Suki finally finished her SCUBA training.  

Tanaya is taking voice lessons but... still a little pitchy.  

Teesha is finding some early success in the real estate industry.  

The Boss makes an egg caserole that is second to none.  

The D.L.C. can't even remember what the D stands for.  

The Kernel is fluent in HTML, Python, and C++.

Tiger could tell you some stories.  How many hours do you have?

Tina runs 5K races for charity.

Turbo doesn't ask why, just helps them cross the road.  

Tyler recently entered the witness protection program.  

Vegan is a girl scout ambassador who also interprets three languages including ASL.  

Veronica is turning heads in the graphic design world.  

Xia-Xia is producing a documentary on poaching.  

Brigham spends quality time with his family playing board games.

Bear is a leading expert in coop architecture and design.