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Need your
16 Chickens Dice Fight to the Death
game to move a little faster?

Try one of Fleet's fun modifications...


Quick Game Hack #1

  • Eliminate the blue cards from the game.  Rather than drafting blue cards then strategically playing those cards to assemble your team of chickens, simply give each player 16 chickens (or fewer if you're really in a hurry) and begin playing the game at the "Get Orange Cards" stage of the game. 

  • Leave the Secret Weapon in the bucket at the beginning of the game--don't worry, someone will likely play a card and bring it out. 

  • Roll or cackle to see who starts with The Rooster.

  • After drafting orange cards, let the dice fights begin!

Even Quicker Game Hack #2

  • Or, if you need to save even more time, eliminate the blue cards and pass out 16 chickens (or fewer) to each player.

  • Then, simply shuffle the orange cards and deal seven orange cards face down to each player. 

  • Each player now has 16 chickens and seven orange cards. 

  • Leave the Secret Weapon in the bucket at the beginning of the game, roll or cackle to see who starts with The Rooster, and let the dice fights begin! 

Unbelievably Super-Quickest Game Hack #3

  • Actually, never mind.  We have created a new game, Dice Fight: Chicken Edition,  that incorporates this fast new approach.  It includes a little less strategy, a little more speed, and a lot more simultaneous engagement.  The less-serious gamers are loving it!  It's proving to be a mass-market hit!  Check it out!

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