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The Incubator

Our original Dice Fight tabletop game has been developing nicely in the incubator since January 2018.  In that time, we've added many features to increase the fun.  The game has been playtested over and over, and we're thankful for everyone who has provided helpful feedback.  We also auditioned hundreds of chickens and selected the very best to appear in the first release of the game. 

A self-published "bucket version" of the game debuted on October 27, 2018 at the Parkway West Band Craft Fair in Chesterfield, Missouri.  Over 60 copies were sold that weekend which got the Dice Fight games off to a finger-lickin' good start.  After two more days at local craft fairs and several word-of-mouth sales, we are up over 125 copies sold and nearly sold out of our self-published inventory. 

If you're interested in purchasing a game, check out the SHOP page for prices, then let us know what you would like.  You can pick up locally in St. Louis or we can ship it to you for $9.00.


Our newest game, Dice Fight: Ready to Roll? was named a finalist in The Pitch Project 2020 game design contest that featured over 750 game entries.

Find us on Facebook or click the CONTACT menu above.

If you are a game publisher, you might be interested in watching this short pitch video or viewing these sell sheets below.  Please contact us if you'd like to chat about a potential partnership.  

Dice Fight:  Chicken Edition   Sell Sheet

Dice Fight:  Ready to Roll?   Sell Sheet

16 Chickens Dice Fight to the Death  Sell Sheet


Thanks for cheering us on!  We hope you are having lots of fun and laughs playing our games with your family and friends.

Buc buc.

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