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View our 5-minute Ready to Roll Pitch Project presentation in its entirety!

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Dice Fight: Chicken Edition is our super-popular tabletop game that offers a fun, quick-moving, easy-to-learn, 'Take That!' gaming experience.  You can learn how to play in three minutes and finish your game about 20 minutes later.  And if your group is competitive, hold on tight, it's going to be a wild 20 minutes!

You'll fall in love with the adorable chickens and become heartbroken when your favorites are tragically sent to the fried chicken carry-out bucket.  But if you play your cards wisely and get just a little bit of luck from the dice, it will be winner winner chicken dinner! 


2-6 players  
(See game description below.  Click here for the instructions.)

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What?  You don't want a chicken game?  You prefer cute little robots instead?  Okay, this is the game for you.  Dice Fight: Mini-Robot Edition is the same game as the chicken edition above, but with robots.  Oh, and this one comes in a rectangular box instead of a fried chicken carry-out bucket for those of you who are persnickety about your game shelves.

Scroll down to see some photos of people enjoying this game at Geekway to the West 2019.

2-6 players   


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16 Chickens Dice Fight to the Death is a fun, light-strategy game that takes a little more thinking and a little more time than the games above (10 minutes per player).  You’ll build a team of up to 16 chickens to help you eliminate your opponents.      


You'll experience four fast-paced phases featuring card drafting, dice rolling, and discarding action cards at just the right moment.  Each phase incorporates a careful balance of strategy, unexpected decision points, and it all ends with head-to-head dice fights aided by a secret weapon and a shifty rooster.  


This is our original recipe and we think you'll like it. 

How-to-Play Video

2-5 Players 

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Our roll-and-write game is quickly becoming a family favorite!  In Dice Fight: Ready to Roll? each player will have a score sheet and a pencil.  You'll also have some dice fight cards so you can change the value of the dice so they end in favor of the scoring criteria on your sheet.  But watch out, because everyone is playing on the same dice, and everyone has a different scoring criteria!  Hopefully, you'll be able to lock in some dice to your advantage before your opponents are able to do the same.  The 'Take That!' fun never stops in what is soon to be your family's favorite roll-and-write game.   

Pitch Project Finalist 2020


Click here to find a How-to-Play Video and also a link to purchase the game.   


1-6 Players 

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Click Here for the Revised Dice Fight Game Instructions!

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We'd like to thank all the playtesters at Geekway to the West 2019 for the fun times and great feedback on the Mini-Robot edition of the game!  It was great playing with you and we're especially appreciative for those who came back with friends to play again!

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